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RE: “Miracle” in Colombia Crash


“Reading about this plane crash. Yes it was a miracle from God. But is not it strange. Some peoples see miracles right before their own eyes, And still don’t believe. They would rather give the credit to somebody else are something else instead of God! But listen to this. You didn’t do it, somebody else didn’t do it, something else didn’t do it. So evidence of the miracle on the plane points to God. God did it! And it does not matter what you say. What you think. Or what you believe. God still did it. The evidence of the peoples living who was on the plane. Proves that!” – Yahoo! User “Bible Teacher” (Unedited comment from the article)

This is a miracle? An elderly woman is dead and this is a miracle? A woman who probably had a husband, children, and grand-children is dead and this is a miracle?

Where was god before the plane crash? I’d be in agreement this was a miracle if the plane was about to crash and suddenly hovered a foot off the ground so all could safely get off alive.

If god were to play a game of ten-pin (that’s bowling), you would naturally expect god to obtain a perfect score of 300. Anything other than 300, unless it was intentional, would be impossible. There were a total of 131 lives on board this Boeing 737. If this truly were a miracle, all 131 lives on board should have survived but unfortunately that’s not what happened. We don’t see a perfect score, which would in this particular case be a 131. We see a 130. The fact is this was not a game of ten-pin. This was not a game period. Was god unable to muster the strength, or whatever it is god uses to go about his business, to save one extra life? Doesn’t god know everything? Even if god didn’t have the strength, or whatever it is god uses to go about his business, god, with his supposed omniscience, should have been able to devise a plan in which everyone survived.

Hypothetical’s aside, this is still no miracle. According to this article, 95% of all people involved in a plane crash survived. When you do the math, you’ll notice that 99% of those on board survived. Is 4% really a miracle? Even if 100% survived, it doesn’t mean it was some miracle. It’s happened before. Miracles are supposed to be miraculous because they never happen. What kind of miracle happens several times?