The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan…

Dead Bodies Wash Up On Japanese Shore

I propose we perform an experiment with Japan. Cease the clean-up. Cease the relief efforts. Cease trying to cool down the nuclear reactors that threaten to turn the entire island of Japan into a veritable Chernobyl.


From 8am – 9am we'll pray to Jesus. If Japan returns to the state it was in before this disaster, we'll have evidence for 1) prayer and 2) Christianity. From 9am – 10 am we'll pray to Allah. If Japan returns to the state it was in before this disaster, we'll have evidence for 1) prayer and 2) Islam. And etc… until we run the entire gamut of theism and find (A) the one, true religion or (B) that no religion is true.

Because then the real fun begins. If we discover the one, true religion, we can direct our collective outrage at the appropriate deity. We can start asking tough questions. "Why did you let this happen? What's the point of all the suffering? Because Japan didn't worship you? Because parts of the US tolerates homosexuality? Because there are atheists? Because you missed performing genocide so much but decided another global flood was excessive?"

Or, we'll all have conclusive evidence that either no god exists or that if one does, he doesn't give a shit and no matter how much you pray, he's not listening, at least not with the intent of helping. We can all finally move on from the bullshit. We can stop offering up empty words and fooling ourselves that we've actually contributed to feeding, clothing, and sheltering those that have lost anything and everything.

But of course I offer this up in jest. Past experience shows us nothing will get done unless we do it ourselves. And deep down we all know that.

“I get letters constantly from people saying, “Oh, God will look after it.” But He never has in the past, I don’t know why they think He will in the future.”
– Bertrand Russell

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