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Survey: Most Americans say God Helps with Personal Decisions?


Here are some highlights from the survey:

* 82 percent of participants reported that they depend on God for help and guidance in making decisions.
* 71 percent said they believe that when good or bad things happen, these occurrences are simply part of God’s plan for them.
* 61 percent indicated they believe God has determined the direction and course of their lives.
* 32 percent agreed with the statement: “There is no sense in planning a lot because ultimately my fate is in God’s hands.

The survey found 71% of Americans believed that all of the good and bad are part of God’s plan.  I find this to be a bittersweet piece of information.  Good because at least a majority of worshipers acknowledge that if their god did create all there is, he is ultimately responsible for all of it.  Bad because why would these Christians worship a being that stood by and just let the Holocaust and other atrocities happen?  It’s like you and me loving an individual who always carries a loaded gun with his finger on the trigger ready before a moment’s notice to squeeze for our failure to abide by his wishes.  It’s blatantly sadomasochistic.

The survey also found 61% say God has determined the direction of their lives.  This is a double-edged belief.  If these people feel that God has directed them (whatever happened to the Christian belief in free-will?) then it is no stretch of the imagination to believe that God directs everyone’s lives.  When you believe that, then men such as Hitler and Stalin should be admonished for their crimes against humanity seeing as their lives were directed by God and not of their own accord.  I’m sure all of these people will then say this was not the doing of God but instead the doing of Satan.  But…that would directly contradict with the previous finding in the survey that good and bad are all parts of God’s plan.  Even if it was Satan, Satan is only following the direction and course that God has indicated for him, which 71% agreed upon.

According to the survey, 32% of Americans agreed with the statement, “There is no sense in planning a lot because ultimately my fate is in God’s hands.”  I don’t think I have to tell you how dangerous it is to believe planning is essentially a waste of time.  It is a drastic self-defeating outlook on life and aside from being self-defeating, it can be absolutely fatal.  I occasionally hear stories in the news about families with ill children who instead of going to the hospital to obtain the medical help that is needed for their ill children, the parents think it a better idea to leave their problems in the hands of their likely non-existent god.